How Electricity is Made: PART THREE- SOLAR POWER

As the planet‘s human population continues to grow and demands on natural resources increase, to continue with current practices is highly unsustainable. We know that relying on coal, oil and … Continue Reading →


How Electricity is made PART TWO- NUCLEAR

A nuclear power plant is basically a steam power plant that is fuelled by a radioactive element, like uranium. Nuclear power is generated through a process called “fission”. Fission is … Continue Reading →

How does solar lighting work

Operation of Solar Street Lights

At the Photovoltaic Lighting Group (PLG) we specialise in being able to custom design standalone Solar Street Lights to our customer’s requirements. A typical solar lighting system consists of 5 … Continue Reading →

natural greenhouse

Calculating Greenhouse Emissions

Calculating your greenhouse emissions for electricity is easy, simply use these calculation. Greenhouse Gas = [Energy consumption (kWh)] x [Greenhouse Gas  (GHG) coefficient] Multiply the energy consumption figure by the greenhouse coefficient … Continue Reading →


How Electricity is made: PART ONE- COAL

Modern life is unimaginable without electricity. Electrical energy powers our homes, buildings and streets. For a source of energy to end up as electricity it may undergo many transformations. You … Continue Reading →