Photopic, Scotopic and Mesopic Lumens- S/P Ratio

In my previous blog I have discussed “Visibility of Light what the human eye sees”. Light is measured in wavelength & expressed in nanometers (nm). The visible light spectrum covers … Continue Reading →

light comparison

Colour Temperature and Colour Rendering Index

Colour temperature and Colour Rendering Index are the standards for measuring light. Because these terms tend to cause a fair amount of confusion among everyday consumers when it comes to … Continue Reading →

How does solar lighting work

Operation of Solar Street Lights

At the Photovoltaic Lighting Group (PLG) we specialise in being able to custom design standalone Solar Street Lights to our customer’s requirements. A typical solar lighting system consists of 5 … Continue Reading →

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Visible Light- What the Human Eye Sees

Wave length and colour Electromagnetic radiation comes in different wavelengths which ranges from radio waves to gamma rays. Electromagnetic radiation is made up of both particles and waves. They can be looked as, changing … Continue Reading →


Calculating Power Consumption of Lighting

This is a simple calculator to help you work out the total cost of electricity for Lighting. It can be used for your home or business to give you a basic cost … Continue Reading →


Lumens, Lux and Watts

Measurements of Light When lighting an area for night time activity you may hear the following expression used “lumens”, “Lux” and “watts. These terms are used to help describe and … Continue Reading →